Woodcreek High School has moved to an online, digital handbook.  We no longer have a PDF copy of the handbook.  Please use the pages on this website for your reference.

WHS Crest  
Welcome to the 2015 – 2016 school year!  We anticipate another outstanding year at Woodcreek High School with learning being the primary focus. We encourage you to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to expand your horizons; academically, athletically, artistically, and socially. You will find an abundance of courses and programs to suit your interests and passions. Whether you are headed to a four year university or a career technical school, Woodcreek prepares you for the future of your choosing. We know students who engage in school outside of the classroom do better in school. Find a way to get connected at Woodcreek High School.
The Woodcreek faculty is dedicated to serving students with high level learning for every student as the goal. Faculty and support systems are oriented in a manner that expects students to engage in their own learning. Staff will exhaust efforts to provide opportunities for students to improve and grow. Please take advantage of the learning support provided in the form of after-school tutorials, Homelink (internet grade & attendance data), and schoolwide intervention efforts. Don’t hesitate to raise expectations for yourself and the school. Together we can make Woodcreek High School an exceptional place for learning.
Have a great year Woodcreek! 
Jess Borjon